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corruption abounds{5B047DBB-51...23/28/14
Roger Stone goes to the W word to describe BridgeGatecrussmith11/25/14
The First ThanksgivingSilver.Thank...101/6/14
Blow out numbers boost the Economy again!kelly alan212/9/13
Is this Board Working Yet?Silver.Thank...212/7/13
Dems nuke GOP's "wall of obstruction"kelly alan212/7/13
Before long, it will be the DEMOCRATS begging for obamacare repeal!pat369a1412/7/13
Did the Sheboon Start College Yet?Silver.Thank...111/23/13
The New Board Sucks!Silver.Thank...111/22/13
Is Liz compromising her true feelings to get votes?James_Madison273511/20/13
Common Core Standards for our schools - Bad Idea?tex-oilman1511/19/13
LOL, Kirsten Gillibrand throws the entire Democratic Party under the bus!Perplexed0631311/19/13
Private consultants warned of risks before’s Oct. 1 launchPirate-Stark111/19/13
People unswayed by calorie counts in fast food restaurants: studyPirate-Stark4711/19/13
Obama finally keeping promise to unite the countryrichardforbe...111/19/13
Duck Dynasty-endorsed Republican wins La. House seatrichardforbe...2711/19/13
ObamaCare Basic: Which Repubs really care about the millions ...jonesdon110711/19/13
Obama has tripped at almost every hurdlerichardforbe...1611/19/13
Seattle elects Occupy Wall Street SOCIALIST to city councilPerplexed0635611/19/13
Another day, another George Zimmerman assaultevilguv6111/19/13
Churches Just Sit There Empty Most of the WeekShonisaurus6411/19/13
Red States Deny Health Coverage to the Surplus PopulationShonisaurus1511/19/13
Question Obama? Get fired the next day.Perplexed0634011/19/13
Back in businessIdea Market111/19/13
STUDY: Cheating students more likely to want gov't jobs...FreePatriot2211/19/13
$8.5 trillion unaccounted for by pentagonMr Boompi1211/18/13
REPORT: Census 'faked' unemployment data ahead of 2012 election...FreePatriot2311/18/13
Darrell Issa's Great LeapsRamo832111/18/13
Lawless Liberalism: DC mayor signs bill allowing illegal immigrants driver's ...FreePatriot2111/18/13
YAHOO vows to encrypt users' personal data...FreePatriot2111/18/13
DEMS knew millions would lose coverage AND the purposely LIEDFreePatriot2511/18/13
Global Warming Event Snowed Outrichardforbe...1611/18/13
George Zimmerman IS the 'smoking gun'kelly alan811/18/13
How wonderful - Ohio Walmart collecting food donations for its employeesRandom.........1711/18/13
ACA Website Continues to improve and enroll thousandskelly alan511/18/13
So is the Agument that too many poor folks will get treatment:Shonisaurus411/18/13
Accepting the Political Status Quosimonsez20112211/18/13
Changing America's Value Systemmitchscove6611/18/13
Plastic guns have liberals in a tizzyevilguv1711/18/13
Utoh: How we got Obamacare to workShonisaurus1811/18/13
If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep Your Plan (At Least Until The Next Election)ADrive23311/18/13
Time to resurrect the committee for Unamerican activitiesAmericanusa1906811/18/13
Obama is enslaving ALL to government dependencerichardforbe...1411/18/13
Pelosi and Obama matched setsimonsez2011211/18/13
Obama’s ‘5 Percent’ Con JobADrive23111/18/13
How Obama Handles Our Enemiesdave1toccqa_811/18/13
Obama ACA Brainchild fetus and Political Abortionsimonsez2011311/18/13
What to stop liberalism/communism ?Americanusa190911/18/13
Democrat Heaven Doctrinesimonsez2011211/18/13
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