August 05, 2010

Last Day of Lilith ... Washington DC

I'm sad to say that Lilith Tour 2010 is officially over. Our last show in D.C was beautiful, literally with the huge green trees which surrounded the venue and as well as Sarah and all of the other artists's performances. My guitarist Dave and I decided to find the best seat we could find in the house and to totally soak in Sarah's show for the last time this summer. To our surprise, she had completely changed her configuration and set list (perhaps in preparation for her solo show in Atlanta after Lilith). She started her set with 'Angel' by herself on the piano and had Melissa and Butterfly singing backgrounds with her.. it was truly touching and hauntingly beautiful. Although I was shy to join her and all of the other musicians for the finale throughout the entire tour, I felt I absolutely had to get out there for the last one. I learned that sometimes, it's really important to mark beginnings, ends, important moments in our lives. I'm that girl who never cares very much about celebrating my birthday and things of that sort but standing up there on that stage and being able to enjoy that moment with all of the other ladies and crew members is an image I'll always hold dear to me. On the first day of Lilith Fair, when I joined the tour with all sorts of questions and reservations about my duties as ABC's musical correspondant (since I have zero experience interviewing and was nervous about whether or not I could do it ! ), I remember that I was told Sarah Mclachlan would be my very first interview! I lucked out that day.. it didn't happen.. and instead, Sarah was my very last interview. It was only appropriate to close out the tour with a lovely one on one with the lady of Lilith in the beautiful forest of D.C. I definitely had some butterflies but I'm hoping I seemed somewhat composed ! I'd like to thank everyone who allowed me the chance to have this incredible opportunity this summer. The ABC crew on Lilith (melyssa, dave, tori, travis and the rest on Bus 9) really became family and I'll miss them dearly. Thank you to all who came out and listened to me play throughout Lilith! You guys really made my summer so special. Can't wait to see you out on the road again :) all my love, Marié
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August 01, 2010

7/31/10 New Jersey !

I can really tell we are getting close to the end of this tour because I am starting to lose all sense of time and place.. haha I believe we are in New Jersey today but then again, I keep hearing our show was in New York? Either way, it was an excellent day filled with meeting fellow artists, great shows, and good food. Huge green trees surrounded the venue and we lucked out with the weather as well ! It was warm with a nice cool breeze.. My set wasn't until a later 6:30 pm but I was surprised that many of my lovely New York fans came out to see me ! Thank you guys for making my day :) Believe it or not, I didn't get to see this performer, but just from what I heard.. the local winner, Daniella Cotton rocked! I could hear her loud and clear from my tour bus, this lady can sing !! Another artist I caught recently who I am just loving is Sara Maclachlan's background singer and bassist Butterly Boucher! Her set is so different from all of the other artists who have been on Lilith and her song with the lyric 'I can't make me love you'.. is probably my new favorite song. She performs this with Sara acoustically and it's phenomenal. My giddy, girl crush moment of the day was briefly meeting the talented and charming Sara Bareilles by the dressing rooms. If you haven't seen this lady live, you are missing an amazing show. Her voice is simply flawless and her banter in between songs is sweet and humorous. I feel so lucky to have encountered such talent on this tour and feel lucky to have been a part of it. Tomorrow is Hartford! Looking forward to seeing Toby Lightman and her band! Until then, goodnight :) Marié
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July 27, 2010

Cleveland, Ohio 7/27

First day back on Lilith fair today !! I had the most amazing mini vacation in Hawaii with my family as the rest of Lilith went off to Canada. While I was sun bathing and drinking pina colada's the Lilith family was in pouring rain for its sold out date in Toronto. But don't feel bad for them, I heard the show was one of the best so far on tour !! I'm a little sad that I missed out on the mud party. Today, in Cleveland Ohio, was the first day back in the states for the tour. The venue, called Blossom, is located in the middle of beautifully green and dense forests. We even lucked out on the weather which was warm but with a nice breeze.. My two favorite moments of today were new artists Lights and Z Avi who played the ABC Stage and Lilith stage respectively. Lights (yes that is her real name!) does electronica pop, grew up in Manila, but lives now in Canada. She is an absolute sweetheart and I loved watching her set.. especially since she rocks the keytar. That automatically makes you cool in my book. Malaysian artist Z Avi has a deep and soothing voice which is totally unexpected because she is so petite! I loved her laid back, no frills set which included an amazing stand up bassist. Traveling all day, including a red eye out to Cleveland left me super tired so I'm unfortunately missing most of the main stage acts tonight. However, I did catch a bit of Sara Bareilles's soundcheck today and if that's any indication of how good her show is, I know she'd blow me away. For now, goodnight.. I'm going to catch up on some sleep. See you in Philly ! x marié Ps - I played today as well :) I had an amazing time as usual .. and thank you to anyone who came out to watch!
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July 20, 2010

Rainy Indianapolis 7/20

Hello Everyone from a rainy but beautiful Indianapolis !! First of all, I'd like to apologize for not blogging about the Minneapolis show. I ended up leaving extremely early and didn't get to experience the show so there wasn't much to blog about ! I did however, have a blast playing the indoor Target center.. even though it was just 3 songs. Okay, back to Indianapolis ... you guys ROCK !!! Despite the pouring rain and muggy weather, everyone was in the best spirits and were ready to really enjoy some music. I was supposed to perform today at 6:20. When we got to the tent, the power had gone down and it didn't look like the show would happen. Also, my guitar had been damaged from the MInneapolis show and I didn't know if it'd play like it did before. Luckily, the power came back on and my guitar made it through as well ! Best part by far though was all the lovely people who sat in the tent and came to watch us play. Everyone was smiling ear to ear, despite being soaking wet... singing at the top of their lungs without my even asking.. I truly had an amazing time playing today. So thank you for making my day :) Tomorrow I leave to go back to Los Angeles. While the rest of Lilith heads back up into home territory in Canada, I'll be taking a little vacation with the family. I'll be back on the 27th to blog about the show in Ohio! Take care until then ! Goodnight :) Marié
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July 18, 2010

Chicago 7/17

I had such a blast in Chicago today! First of all, I had a bunch of friends who came to visit and spent the whole day with me at Lilith. The crowd was absolutely amazing as well !! Dave and I played a small acoustic set around 4:50 and despite the heat there were so many enthusiastic people who came out to watch. I also had a chance to finally watch the entire sets of Heart, Mary J. Blige, and Sarah Machlachlan again. Nancy Wilson and Anne Wilson are truly rock legends and they still have ' it '. Mary J Blige poured her heart out and gave me goosebumps numerous times throughout her show, especially during ' No More Drama'. Sarah in her serene and beautiful way was flawless as usual. My favorite artist of the day however, was an upcoming Canadian artist named Meaghan Smith. We ended up bonding over our mutual love for Japanese animator Miyazaki Hayao. Meaghan actually used to be an animator herself before she became a full time musician. I love her music which perfectly fuses old and new... Try 'heartbroken' if you get a chance by Meaghan. Next up is Minneapolis..I think the entire crew is pretty excited for an indoor show! Goodnight, Marié
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July 16, 2010

St. Louis, Missouri

Well, the trend continues with the HOT weather here in St. Louis. But today was an absolute blast and seemed to whiz right on by. My good friend Kina Grannis started the day off with a set on the ABC stage and I followed up right after at 3pm. I got to catch Vedera and Ingrid Michaelson's acoustic sets in the ABC music lounge. Both were phenomenal...It's such a pleasure to see such talent on a daily basis in such a stripped back way. This is very random but I started to notice a little habit that I'm starting to have. The catering on this tour (which I've mentioned before to be amazing) makes the most scrumptious brownies I've ever had : moist, full of chocolate chips, chewy, bites of happiness... and I am absolutely addicted. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if the whole touring crew has developed the same addiction. Back to music! Mary J. Blige is joining the main stage today. I've only seen her perform on TV and she seems to be quite a power house vocally and presence wise. Even though I might be too tired to leave the bus tonight (long day yesterday).. I have a feeling I'll still hear from right outside my bus if I want to catch some of the show. Yesterday was the start of a long stretch of shows without a break! Tomorrow we are in Chicago and then we have at least 2 more shows right after that. It's going to be a long week but hopefully a great one :) Best news for this week is that I'm practically cough free !! Goodnight ;) Marié
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July 14, 2010

July 13th, We are bus orphans :(

I flew into Denver last night with my guitarist Dave to find out that our bus... had broken down! Everyone on our bus has been split up between the 13 or so buses on Lilith Fair. It's funny because you start feeling like a family with the people you live with... and now we are all orphans.. haha.. We're all very timidly joining our temporary stay on other buses. I'm really looking forward to having our own back in Kansas ! Believe it or not, the temperature was in the 50's only 3 days ago here in Denver but today, it was 99 degrees ! It was yet another scorching day on the Lilith Fair. Newcomers on the main stage were Metric, Ingrid Michaelson, and Anjuli. I luckily caught the Metric show and was really surprised by their energy! The lead singer is this cute blonde girl who bounces around the stage and plays the keys. I also caught the last bit of Ingrid Michaelson's set and loved her finale where the band does a choreographed dance and takes their last bows to Britney Spear's song Toxic. In the ABC Music Lounge, we had Anya Marina come through and play an acoustic set. She has a very sultry voice which perfectly suits her album titled Slow and Steady Seduction, Phase 2. Anya has had some amazing music placements including the Grey's Anatomy and New Moon Soundtracks. It was a long day here in Denver and next we're heading to Kansas City. I have a feeling the heat will be following us on the rest of the tour. My next 3 episodes of Breathing Underwater are up on this site!! I hope you have a chance to check it out... See you tomorrow :) Goodnight, Marié
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July 11, 2010

Irvine, CA (back home !)

Hello !! I would first off, love to thank those who are taking the time to comment on my little blog here at the abcmusiclounge :) It's fun to read your comments so please continue to let me know what you thought about the shows ! I just got back home from the Irvine show.. I have a very badly burned left shoulder as well. I think what happened was only half of my body was under the tent of the abc music lounge and the other half, well, was fully exposed to the sun.. this one's gonna hurt ! haha Today was a great day, lots of energy, and a nice crowd on this beautiful Saturday! I had a chance to meet new artists like Marina and the Diamonds, The Weepies, and Molly Jenson. Marina is quite fascinating and while I was interviewing her, I couldn't take my eyes off her neon orange lipstick (which she says she actually sells on her website!). She had on mickey mouse curtains as pants and two huge dollar signs as a headband (another one of the, see it to believe it's ). The Weepies did a great set on the ABC stage.. it was great to finally meet them after seeing them in the catering area everyday with their two adorable babies. Although I played a late-ish set at 7:20, I was pleasantly surprised by the people who came out to watch my set ! Thank you so much, your energy always makes my day brighter :) The best part for me about today is that I get a chance to go home and rest for a few days. As you probaby know, I've been pretty sick for most of this tour and it'll feel really nice to sleep in my own bed for the next few days ! Mostly, I've felt horrible about my bus mates who have to endure listening to my scary cough everyday. Oh ! The other bit of important news is that I finally got my first shipment of Breathing Underwater movie DVD's which include bonus acoustic tracks !! I don't have too many of them so if you'd like them (and get this, they're free !), please find me early on in the day before I run out! Next up is Denver.. Looking forward to it :) Goodnight, Marié
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July 10, 2010

Scorching Las Vegas, NV

Today was by far the hottest day on Lilith yet !! I heard it was about 105 degrees... whew... I'm pretty sure we all made it without anyone passing out, which means the day was successful. I definitely spent a good part of my day on the bus and inside the casino. Believe it or not, the main stage is actually built in the middle of a gigantic pool. The audience is literally swimming around the performers! Not only that, the pool actually creates waves so people can body surf ( I know , I know, you have to see it to believe it). The ABC stage today was situated inside the casino next to a sushi bar. I got to catch Susan Justice and A Fine Frenzy's sets. I have to admit, the whole thing was a tad awkward with the older casino crowd, the constant dinging of the slot machines, and the cute singer songwriter girls on the stage but they definitely rocked their performances.. My highlight for today was getting to interview The Bangles ! Legends! They were super funny and went on to tell me that a new album is in the works...look out for a 2011 release ! I respect those ladies so much because they all play instruments, sing, and do it all amazingly. I have to admit though, I'm really looking forward to getting back to CA :) Tomorrow's the Irvine show and I'm hoping we'll be back to the famously beautiful California weather! Vegas you're great, but we're ready to head out ! Goodnight, Marié
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July 08, 2010

Day 4 - San Diego, CA

hey look who it is ! the geico gecko !
My two little sisters got to hang out with me all day today at the San Diego stop of Lilith Fair ! The day started off looking very gloomy, with even a bit of rain, but the cloud layer quickly burned off and it was hot by the time I performed in the afternoon. Today's venue was situated next to a water park and the reason why I loved it the most was because it was compact! That means the distance between the tour bus, catering, and the stages, are very small and makes it easier to move around. I know it doesn't sound super thrilling but trust me, it is when you're walking back and forth all day long ! I got to meet Alison Sudol from A Fine Frenzy. It seems I'm always seeing her or bumping into her in the mornings. She got to play the main stage for the first time today and was checking out the venue and how it looked from the audience's perspective. She's very easy to spot with her bright orange-red hair! Newcomers to the show today included Jenni Rivera (who came out with a full mariachi band of adorable guys in their sharp suits), and Brandi Carlile. I think the highlight of the day for me was being able to take my sisters backstage to watch Sarah's set.. she is honestly flawless every night, not sure how she does it. They got to see what happens behind the scenes, the sound engineers, the guitar techs, security, it takes so many people to put on a show. One of my favorite moments is when she walks off stage after her final song and before the encore. I love watching those few minutes when the stage goes dark, the people are screaming, and waiting to see the moment she decides to walk back on... It was a great night overall and next we are heading to Las Vegas !!! Too bad I've got this scary cough but maybe the loud noises of the slot machines and drunk people will let me slide through without any odd looks. Wish me luck.. haha :) Goodnight, Marié
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