March 13, 2012

Allen Stone on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Allen Stone
  Allen Stone - click image to view artist page.

There are some journeys with ABC that are short and then there are others that last for the long run.  I met Allen Stone a while back when our director of music, Tony Von Pervieux, brought him in for a showcase.  We’ve always loved him over her at ABC and he’s really part of our music family (he even came over just to play at our holiday party one year).  It wasn’t until a trip to Seattle last year when I realized how much everyone else loved him too.  I was at a friend’s house and looked down on their coffee table, there was Allen staring right back at me on the cover of a magazine.  I was like “hey, that’s my friend, I know him!”.   I felt so proud in that moment, but today I feel even prouder as Mr. Stone makes his late night debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  You can also see some videos we shot with Allen last year during one of his ABC drive-bys.  Enjoy!  Oh and did I mention today is Allen Stone’s birthday? Happy birthday Allen from your ABC Music Family!

Melyssa Hardwick - Producer ABC Music Lounge

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