November 01, 2011

Ravenna Woods “Local Haunts”

Ravenna Woods -

Photo: Dan Poss

People always ask me “What do you do for your job” and my usual answer is “Well, I listen to music all day”. It was one of those days of perpetual music listening when I was introduced to Ravenna Woods. A couple of months ago I had the radio going on my computer, half listening, when a song came on that demanded my attention. It was “Graves” by Ravenna Woods and immediately I stopped my work and started researching the band. I got in touch with the band and they graciously sent me over their full albums “Valley Of The Headless Men” and “Demons & Lakes”, which was on a Friday. I listened to the albums all weekend and come Monday I was completely in love with their sound (I would go into all the reasons why, but I’ll let you experience the goodness for yourself without me using big musical terms to convince you). Over the next few weeks, I became the official ABC advocate for Ravenna Woods, which led to me getting the green light for them to write a song specifically for our shows. I asked them if they were down to write a little tune for us over here at ABC and they said… YES! This was in September I believe, right before our new shows started. To give them a feel for the ABC vibe, I sent them over the first episode of REVENGE and immediately they went to work. 

The result, I’m very happy to say, is the track “Local Haunts”, which will be heard in an episode of one of our shows very, very soon (sorry wish I could give you more info, but it’s not ready yet!). BUT, for the next week, you can get the exclusive track as a free download when you vote for the AMA/Sprint New Artist Of The Year. Then after this week, you won’t be able to get the song again until the episode airs later this year.

After you get your download of “Local Haunts”, make sure to pick up “Valley Of The Headless Men” and “Demons & Lakes”.

To get your free download of “Local Haunts“ click below to vote.

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Happy Listening!

Melyssa Hardwick - Producer ABC Music Lounge

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