January 22, 2009


l changed this topic to "WOW" because of how lame I've been. Here's the giant excuse: As we all know, I was attacked by a very, very severe common cold. This lingered for days until... I went back to my old college and taught/lectured/felt like a rock star, and returned yesterday. Anywho, I'd like to begin with a "sorry", follow it up with a "seriously, I was lame", then get right back into things as if I had never left.

The reason LOST rocks. Okay, obviously I'm a fan. But never a hater - "why?", you ask? (You did ask that, I heard you.) Because the great episodes are unbelievably great, and the supposedly mediocre episodes still have something totally cool, original, and worth remembering. Seriously, I shoot for that in SCRUBS. See, the thing about TV is that it's deadline oriented. It's a snowball rolling down a hill - if an episode isn't perfect, eventually you have to let it go and try to do better the next week. This leads me into my least favorite SCRUBS episodes of all time. I hated "My Tuscaloosa Heart", because I hated the contrivance that Dr. Kelso was a folk singer who recorded albums (fake, bad writing). I hated the Season Premiere when J.D. was strung up on a flagpole, defying the laws of physics and reality (and thus being representative of bad SCRUBS line-blurring between reality and fantasy) and I hated the episode where J.D. told Elliot "I don't love you." after he had fought so hard to get her (had we spent one more episode dealing with his feelings, obviously painting them as childish fear so they seemed believable, we could have pulled it off). I also hate seeing that scene where J.D. was wedged in a backpack because it wasn't a fantasy. This leads me back to LOST. The thing I have hopefully copied from them is this: Even in those episodes that make my heart hurt, there are still moments/jokes/scenes that I cherish. This is sometimes all you can hope for in television. It's not like a feature film where you can work on it/perfect it forever. On the high side, you can always fight on the following week.

SCRUBS is switching timeslots. This is neither disrespectful, nor rude. They told me about it at the start, as they (ABC) hope to launch a new show in a slightly more sheltered environment. I look forward to the move, as they will continue promoting/showing re-runs. Plus, Victor Fresco, the creator of "Better Off Ted", is a good guy. Hopefully we can help launch his show (haven't seen it yet, but will pass it on once I do).

Back to my college. William and Mary won't do (name that song lyric). If you're wondering whether you can return to your college at age forty, go out drinking with your old fraternity until the wee hours, then wake up and lecture a class the next morning none the worse for wear, the answer in an emphatic "no". Also, if you're wondering if you are still pretty young, the answer is also "no". Apparently to be in college now days, you have to look like you're twelve. Still, as a person who grows progressively more cynical with each year, it meant a lot to me to see young folks who were smart, funny, driven - everything. Yeah, they were scared - apparently something is going on with the economy - but they were optimistic. It restored my faith, maybe partly because the student body finds me funny. I often find that I like people who find me funny more than those that don't find me funny. It's a weird quirk of mine. The stay culminated in a giant assembly of fans/students. I realized how small the world is because I also said that SCRUBS was over. I meant (and explained) that if it were to go on without Zach Braff, it would have to be a different show (maybe even different title). When I got home, there were plenty of internet articles about how the show is over/cancelled. Whatever, live and learn. I doubt I'll ever realize how to keep my mouth shut.

By the way, I think "I really want to *&%@#* you" is an awesome song. That being said... RANDOM SHOUT OUTS: These aren't that random. I've noticed the same peeps on the boards forever. The absolute least I can do (seriously, could a grateful man do less?) is type their/your names. Here goes:

Steve Barry (from someplace called Bweeng), Alice, Mike Rowl, Andrew, Ace, Shelly, Angie (from someplace called Canada), Valposh, Coxian, Irish Sean, Coco Bosco (old fav), Aragorn (old fav), Michelle M (great fan, talked to her once years ago, lost her for a while), Kelsosan, Ben, Gavin, My dog Gus, My children, My hair, and Buster (plays Rowdy on show). Feel free to slam me with names I forgot - this is from memory for heaven's sake. Thanks for giving a rat's ass. BL
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