May 07, 2009


I've been indulging myself, reading all the kind things on the message board and in the previous blog comments and well... I'm touched. I'm not great at sincere, but seeing as people actually took time out from their lives to not only watch television, but to share good thoughts with me: Please allow me to thank every person who watched this show. I had so much fun making it, I would have done it for free (kind of) and would have been happy just showing it to my friends and family.

I've been nostalgic all day - a feeling I'm not used to. It's kind of itchy. Anyway, so many of you have taken the time to offer thanks to me and the truth is that I have long made a career out of taking credit for other people's hard work. The cast, crew, and all the other writers are not only crazy talented people; they are my friends.

It's a little overwhelming to read all the comments and the message board threads, but the last few days I went psycho and did just that. Much to my chagrin, whenever I tried to respond or type a message it was there for a second, then gone. If this is some kind of God trying to keep me from venturing onto the interhighway and occasionally confronting people, I say this, "M'am, it's too late." Perhaps it's some kind of board moderator unconvinced that I am VDOOZER on the board because no one would live such a sad life that he has time to waste on his own show's message boards. If it's a mean moderator - stop it. If it's my college buddy Todd Burski - I understand your anger, I'm not great at keeping in touch. And congrats on somehow having power over my computer and the internet.

My favorite thing about the finale. Just dumb trivia that makes me happy... The dialogue in bed between J.D. and Elliot at the beginning ("So, we live together...", "I feel like I should have been told") was lifted word for word from the SPIN CITY pilot (Between Mike Fox and Carla Gugino) thus proving that I can essentially only write one story.

Anyway, thanks for being so nice. It's a little much so if someone wants to pop on the comments here and take a nice crap on something that would, as always, be helpful. Goodnight. Bill
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