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    • Feline Hyperesthesia syndrome
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  • 2/28/08
Dr good day to you. I am in a jam here. My cat Precious woke on November 27, 2007 to the loudest  noises she has ever made. She was in great pain and going in circles chasing tail and I took her to Vet and got pain medicine and antibiotics and we thought that her tail might have a fracture somewhere in it cause of her chasing it.  I have to tell you her tail has been stepped on by mindless teens and I assumed this was the problem.Her Dr said that X-raying the tail can be done but it is hard to tell anything from the X-ray and if she at some point had to remove her tail it would run in the 1000's of dollars range. I am on disability (very little each month for 2 humans and 2 cats) and I can't afford that. Anyway after alot of money already (I"ve had to sell items and borrow and beg to pay her Dr's care and the meds) a month and a half  had  passed and still she was clearly in pain and no better.The Dr. was online and came across this Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome and said it sounds like Precious and her behavior. So now another month and a half has passed and she has been on Clomipromine 1 x day and her pain medicine (Bupronorphine) for this amount of time and at least 3 weeks into this medicine she seemed to be doing better but now the end of  this time she is again having the chasing and squelching in pain and chewing at her skin again. It now seems to not be working any longer not for the 24 hours like it should, so the pain medicine is having to be given at 1-2 times a day again and it is not cheap, 1ml is $18.00 and I am disabled (terminally ill with Liver disease and Hepatitis C ) and I can't go on having to give her this daily and she also really hates it. Her appetite is different (less) and she has gone for 36 hours and once or twice longer than without having to empty her bladder. I need to know will she ever be able to be off of meds. Will she ever quit with these symptoms and the Pain or is her life destined to medicine each day? Have you known of any cats that have overcome this disease ( and what medicine was given?) or is the answer "NO"  it will always be a problem in her sweet little life? If she was your cat what would you do ? I fear she will have to be put to sleep and even tho it will truly break my heart, I must tell you that hearing and watching her is breaking my heart now. I love her with all my heart and soul and she by the way will be 4 years old in June or July 2008. I pray you can give me words of wisdom and be straight up with me cause I can't keep on having to buy this meds, that meds, you know what I mean? And I so want her back like she use to be just less hyper and hands off  and literally running so fast from room to room like she has lost all control of her senses. She has always been that way just did not have pain or chasing tail chewing at skin and squelching in pain. Thanks again Dr. angelhrt1
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